RTP Seguridad Integral aims at offering real services of loss prevention and control. Here follow some of our main offers:

Loss prevention and control
  • Investigation into risks liable to affect persons and good as well as the enforcement of actions and investigation in case of catastrophes.
  • Threat and vulnerability studies.
  • Design, projection and execution of protection plans.
  • Design and installation of security system programs.
  • Handling and control of confidential information.
  • Prevention and control of communication frauds.
  • Handling and management of corporate risks.
  • Inventory of prior information in order to make timely decisions.
  • General assistance and support in policy making and process evaluation.
  • Design, projection and execution of training programs in loss prevention and control.
  • Auditing of security programs, procedures and means.
Insurance for transportation of persons and goods.
Surrounding analysis

Support and services in tasks aimed at the certification and legalization of goods and services institutions before both public and private entities, either national or international.

Design, projection and execution of environmental protection plans, fire prevention and labor-related risks.
Crisis handling.
Before, during and after Kidnapping advice for familys and companies.
Systems engineering projects for:
  • Centralized detention and alarm systems.
  • Automated fire prevention, detention and extintion.
  • Closed circuit television.
  • Personal and vehicular access control.
  • Intrusion detention.
  • Others.
Av. Francisco de miranda con Av. Luis Roche, Altamira, Torre Delta, primer piso, ofc. C-D, Caracas, Venezuela.
Phones. +58 212 961.23.79 / 416 609.92.09. Mail: servicios@rtpseguridad.com
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